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Giving Up Technology😱

I read an article about some people having a technology-free day and I thought that we don’t normally think of having one because we aren’t aware of our addiction to technology.

If I gave up technology, I would be interested in multiple different things, or I would pursue my passions by using different tools. For example, instead of writing on my laptop, I would do it on a sheet of paper holding a pen. And I LOVE it. If I stopped using my mobile phone, I would be less distracted and more focused on my homework and real life. If I didn’t have my camera, on holiday I would enjoy nature more and spend more time in the open air. If technology and Internet connection didn’t exist, I would be missing my friends who live far away from me since I wouldn’t be able to chat for long. On the contrary, the quality of our communication would be better if we used our telephones: we could have more and powerful feelings. And then I wouldn’t use my laptop for long, so I would find another way to have fun by going out with my friends more often. Our new technological devices have changed our daily life..and it’s nearly impossible to revert back to a tech-free world.

Gio xx

When Time Flies By..

It was one of my best holidays in the mountains and I collected lots of beautiful memories! But time flies by, so my last day arrived and the wonderful places and people I got to see came to my mind like a flow of ideas..

I went for several walks in the woods and I saw brooks, waterfalls, lakes and beautiful landscapes. The Dolomites mountains in Italy are very nice and I’ll never get tired of visiting them.

I edited a lot of videos about a bunch of lovely places I saw and I uploaded a short video on Youtube showing my memories..

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The Dolomites Mountains, my holiday ✨

Hi everyone! I’m on holiday in the mountains✨ I’m having fun going for walks, taking photos, exploring the valley. The Dolomites mountains in Northern Italy are amazing and so are the landscapes you can see by reaching high altitudes. What I’ve enjoyed the most so far have been the waterfalls and the lovely brooks. Now some pictures I took a couple of days ago!!
Anddd I really hope I’ll see a shooting star 🌠 tonight!

#Summertime in Sicily!!

Hey guys! I’ve just come back from my seaside holiday in Sicily. Th sea was amazing, it was very clear and the weather was absolutely nice. The food was delicious and the landscape was incredible! I took a lot of photos while touring the peninsula (we rented a car for a week). I hope you like these pics!!firstIMG_6830secondthird

Summer Make-Up! ☀️

Hi everybody! Welcome to my blog!

Today’s blog post is about MAKE-UP! I can’t wait to wear my new products on holiday at the seaside and create some cool make up looks to take beautiful pictures with my girlfriends! I’m going to start with my new bronzer, the Natural bronzer by Rimmel, which I finally got because I wanted to try it out. I also have got the Stay Matte powder by Rimmel and it’s amazing as you probably know since lots of people purchase it and speak well of it, so I bought the bronzer and it’s very pretty. This bronzer is waterproof and spf 15, so it’s also good to wear it at the beach. Mine is in the shade 022 sun bronze, the second range level, so it’s perfect for a bronzed look when you get quite tanned. As the powder, this bronzer smells good. I love it and the packaging is pretty. Obviously at the beach I don’t use any makeup (maybe except for the bronzer), but at night, if it’s not too hot I like using a little bit of concealer (Radiant creamy concealer by Nars) mixed with a darker foundation (Teint miracle radiant foundation by Lancome). My inseparable mascara is the mini Too Faced Better than sex mascara, the most important product to me, even if I can’t use it in the water..but I don’t use a waterproof one, because I just don’t feel like using it so I’ve never bought one. On my face I love using a highlighter, but I haven’t found a good but cheap shiny powder yet, so at the moment I’m using a liquid one by Wycon, the Shiny cream electro carousel in the shade rose. It’s pretty, but I have to use a huge amount of it on my cheekbones to see a good effect. In the end to complete the look I love wearing the amazing matte liquid lipstick by Kylie Jenner cosmetics in the shade Posie K. The packaging is super cool, I love it! This lipstick is so good and it also smells good! It drys very quickly and the effect is stunning! I must admit that it lasts quite long, so it’s good for when you have to go out for a meal (it doesn’t ruin much). I just love it and this colour in particular is very cool. Have you got any Kylie lipstick?

I hope you liked reading this blog post!

Gio xxbronz and powbronzergeneralegenerale2

Do you feel INSPIRED??

To inspire: what does it mean? It’s encouraging, or making someone feel that they want to do something and can do it. I thought about this verb and action and I made a sort of survey, so I asked a couple of girlfriends of mine to explain what inspiring is for them, if they feel inspiring people and who they feel is inspiring to them.

What does inspiring mean? <<It’s being a model for someone who might have reached something I’d like to get>>  <<For me it’s to provide other people with ideas and incentivise them through gestures or manners>>  <<When you’re inspiring, you’re esteemed by someone who wants to become like you>>

Do you think you are an inspiring person? <<maybe yes, because of my attitude>>            <<I don’t know, but I’d like to be inspiring for someone>>  <<No, I’m not. I’d like to become inspiring one day.>>

Who inspires you?  <<People who I think are better than me and always manage to do everything effortlessly>>  <<The ones who reached the goals I’d love to achieve myself>>  <<People like Steph Curry or Cecilia Zandalasini (basketball players) because their dreams came true and I’d love to be a basketball player like they are.

Well, they all answered similar things and the key-words are: goal, model and dream, hope. I feel that “this inspires me” and “this is my inspiration” mean something slightly different. I think that something inspiring can trigger new ideas or in Italian you say it when you feel you’re interested in that, while an inspiration is something you would like to achieve, like a dream. However at the heart of inspiration there’s creativity, good feelings and caring people who believe in you because to be eager to succeed you should begin to believe in your skills and yourself. Having inspirations is always good to maintain a lively mind and to stay positive (this is my new motto!).

<<And I hope you feel inspired>> Miley Cyrus – Inspired

I hope you liked reading this post!


Gio xx

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