Being a girl

Anxiety. I’m starting with this lovely word that affects our lives every single day. Is this feeling linked to being a girl? 3 annoying things girls face everyday!😱

Wind: on a windy day a girl can seriously turn into a lion and when her hair gets messy, she needs a comb, a mirror, a fashion consultant..basically the only word she can think of is WHY.

Outfit: a girl who loves shopping has got lots of suitable dresses, tops, skirts for any occasion. But the problem is..what shall I wear??? “Girl dies after freaking out: she was choosing the perfect outfit”.

Packing: A girl is so excited to go on holiday next weekend. It’s packing time! “I need this and that. I can’t leave it at home! Oh no, I forgot the other one! But this is essential” Ok, if boys get away with packing a few t-shirts, we girls need our whole wardrobe with us, but it can’t fit in the suitcase. Stupid suitcase.

How hard is to be a girl? Please comment belowIMG_8969 (1).jpg something annoying or stressing for a girl! Hope you liked this post! Bye x



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