The #FoodTag

Hi everyone! I was tagged for “The food tag” by Angel and I thought it was a cool topic to write about! SO First things first: I love food: I enjoy eating fruit, some types of vegetables, pasta, pizza, fish, cakes and ice-creams. As an Italian girl I often have pasta, pizza and rice: 🇮🇹Italy is famous for its local food! So far I’ve tasted Mexican, Chinese and Japanese food and my favourite is the Mexican one: I really like “Enciladas”, “Tortillas” and “Tacos”, especially their spicy taste.🌮 My favourite Italian main course is definitely the “Lasagna” made of pasta, cheese, the Italian ragù and white sauce, but I also love saffron rice which we call “Risotto alla milanese”. I totally recommend it! Oh and I’m obsessed with Nutella! I’d eat it everyday with bread or on biscuits 😉 In conclusion I’ve always been interested in food and I enjoy tasting new dishes. 😋 What about you?? Leave a comment below! Now my taggies!

Pics by me.


London #GoodVibes

<< Shining lights, shivers and a breathless view…I can see everything from up here. It feels crazy, but I’m here for real >>

Hi everyone! I’ve been to 🇬🇧London, one of my favourite cities, and I’ve enjoyed everything. I caught the tube for countless times so I managed to visit lots of places and parks which I loved the most. I went shopping at Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street and I got a blue dress, two t-shirts, a pair of jeans and two sporty tops. I loved taking photos at St.James’s park, Regent’s park and Hyde park: they were so beautiful and relaxing! The city by night, wonderful ponds, Big Ben and London eye at sunset, our run to the underground, the rainy days (just two in a fortnight!) people holding their Starbucks, our laughs at the Tate Modern, sunbathing at Hampton Court’s  gardens…📷 I collected so many memories and I wish I could remember them for ever. It’s been an exciting and fun experience! Let me know in the comments below if you have recently seen something amazing ! ✌🏻                                             polaroidWP_20160720_013 (1)WP_20160718_042 (1)




Summer protection: my Nivea products

Hi everyone! I realised that I’ve got lots of Nivea products for my skincare, so I decided to talk about the four ones that I use the most. ☀️The first product is an intensive hydrating cream for dry skin like mine. I used it for the whole winter and I love it: it made my skin much softer in a short time. ☀️The second product is an anti-spot cream so it helps prevent pimples, but it also hydrates your skin very well with a matt effect. I’ve used it a lot always before wearing make-up and it’s very fine also because it protects from the sun’s rays. ☀️The third one it’s a sun milk for hydrating your skin after having sunbathed and I don’t know why, but I love its smell 😂 ☀️Next to it there’s my last sun cream that protects your skin before sunbathing and I love it because it’s for bronzing too and this is a very useful and nice thing! Ok, these are my 4 favourite Nivea creams. Let me know in the comments below your summer products for your skincare!IMG_9195 (1)

Happy friends:)

Hello everybody! Tomorrow I’m going to the seaside and next Saturday I’m leaving to London. I’m so excited about my next trips and looking forward to see new places 😍 I’ve just met my friends for our “get-together” and I’ve thought how good it feels with them. I’m lucky to have them as friends! People can criticise your group or make fun of you, but if you feel good and confident with your friends, you know you can count on them, trust them and be yourself 100% so just don’t care about what people say and don’t let them ruin your friendship!