Summer protection: my Nivea products

Hi everyone! I realised that I’ve got lots of Nivea products for my skincare, so I decided to talk about the four ones that I use the most. ☀️The first product is an intensive hydrating cream for dry skin like mine. I used it for the whole winter and I love it: it made my skin much softer in a short time. ☀️The second product is an anti-spot cream so it helps prevent pimples, but it also hydrates your skin very well with a matt effect. I’ve used it a lot always before wearing make-up and it’s very fine also because it protects from the sun’s rays. ☀️The third one it’s a sun milk for hydrating your skin after having sunbathed and I don’t know why, but I love its smell 😂 ☀️Next to it there’s my last sun cream that protects your skin before sunbathing and I love it because it’s for bronzing too and this is a very useful and nice thing! Ok, these are my 4 favourite Nivea creams. Let me know in the comments below your summer products for your skincare!IMG_9195 (1)


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