London #GoodVibes

<< Shining lights, shivers and a breathless view…I can see everything from up here. It feels crazy, but I’m here for real >>

Hi everyone! I’ve been to 🇬🇧London, one of my favourite cities, and I’ve enjoyed everything. I caught the tube for countless times so I managed to visit lots of places and parks which I loved the most. I went shopping at Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street and I got a blue dress, two t-shirts, a pair of jeans and two sporty tops. I loved taking photos at St.James’s park, Regent’s park and Hyde park: they were so beautiful and relaxing! The city by night, wonderful ponds, Big Ben and London eye at sunset, our run to the underground, the rainy days (just two in a fortnight!) people holding their Starbucks, our laughs at the Tate Modern, sunbathing at Hampton Court’s  gardens…📷 I collected so many memories and I wish I could remember them for ever. It’s been an exciting and fun experience! Let me know in the comments below if you have recently seen something amazing ! ✌🏻                                             polaroidWP_20160720_013 (1)WP_20160718_042 (1)





3 thoughts on “London #GoodVibes

  1. G says:

    Hi there I’ve just read some of your blogs, I love the relaxed style of writing and the overall theme!

    Trust the Wanderlust-


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