The #FoodTag

Hi everyone! I was tagged for “The food tag” by Angel and I thought it was a cool topic to write about! SO First things first: I love food: I enjoy eating fruit, some types of vegetables, pasta, pizza, fish, cakes and ice-creams. As an Italian girl I often have pasta, pizza and rice: 🇮🇹Italy is famous for its local food! So far I’ve tasted Mexican, Chinese and Japanese food and my favourite is the Mexican one: I really like “Enciladas”, “Tortillas” and “Tacos”, especially their spicy taste.🌮 My favourite Italian main course is definitely the “Lasagna” made of pasta, cheese, the Italian ragù and white sauce, but I also love saffron rice which we call “Risotto alla milanese”. I totally recommend it! Oh and I’m obsessed with Nutella! I’d eat it everyday with bread or on biscuits 😉 In conclusion I’ve always been interested in food and I enjoy tasting new dishes. 😋 What about you?? Leave a comment below! Now my taggies!

Pics by me.


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