My weird obsessions!

Hello everybody! These are a few of my weird obsessions!
  • Photos: I absolutely love taking photos and shooting videos to remember every single moment of my life

  • Coins: I love collecting them!

  • Notebooks: I always buy lots of notebooks because I enjoy writing and I like to have a place for every kind of thought. I want everything to be ordered so that I can’t miss anything.

  • Diaries: I’ve been writing my “secret” diary since I was about six.

  • Nail polish: this is weird because I didn’t use to like painting my nails, but when I first tried to buy a nail polish…I finished to love decorating my nails! Mmm…I might post some photos about my nail-arts!

  • To think of a suitable song for every moment I’m living: Yes, because I love singing and listening to music, especially while I’m travelling.

  • Candles: it’s my new obsession. My friend’s just got me two candles so I’m super happy because my room smells amazing and I feel good every time I get in 🙂 One of my Yankee candle smells like sea so I feel like I’m still on holiday!

    Leave a comment below! Bye, Gio.


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