Live your day positively!

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog! This post is about some advice to live your day positively.

  • Take a breath: when you feel stressed because you have to do lots of things for school or work, for instance to meet a deadline, just take a breath. Take a break then restart by making plans.
  • Listen to music: create a playlist with your favourite songs, the ones that transmit energy to feel happy and active for the day. I always listen to music during my journey to school and it relaxes me.
  • Drink water: you don’t have to be thirsty to drink water. Do it as soon as you get up: your organism will restart right away and you’ll feel ready to start thinking of your day.
  • Go to bed early: it might not be easy, but if you try hard to go to bed by eleven p.m., in the morning your mind will be fresher. On school days I always go to bed at half past ten p.m.: this have changed my mornings for the better!
  • Take notes: I love taking notes and doing a report of my days, in fact I’m obsessed with notebooks! Before going to bed or as soon as you get up make plans for the day or just write things that came to your mind: you’ll be more organised and less anxious!

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