My Everyday Make-up Products

Hi everyone! As a girl I love wearing make-up and I enjoy collecting beauty products, but I’m not actually obsessed with them. My school morning routine is ordinary and very simple, but I realised that I spend most of that time combing my hair and doing my make-up which is very natural. Every morning I apply my foundation by Lancôme on my reddened skin then I add a little bit of my Garnier BB cream especially under my eyes and on my chin then I blend it with my orange beauty blender. Sometimes I use a bronzer, otherwise I move to the next mascara!  I’ve been using two mascaras: the first one by Avon is for extending eye-lashes and the second one by Kiko is for giving them volume.  Eventually I like using a matte powder by Rimmel to finish the look. Hope you like this post!



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