Being a girl, part 2

Hi everyone!😄 I love doing this kind of blog posts that is the reasons why being a girl is hard..So here is the second part of things which girls have to face! 😲

  • Cleaning nail polish from your toenails without ruining the one on your fingernails
  • Wearing a skirt when it’s windy
  • Having a new pimple when you want to take photos with a perfect view
  • When you eye itches, but you’re wearing make-up so you freak out because you don’t want to ruin it
  • When you’re late, but you realise you’re wearing high-heels so you can’t run #chronicallylate
  • Every time you want to tidy your hair but you’re wearing your favourite bracelets/rings/watch so when you move your hand they get stuck in your hair
  • When you have to go to a party and you want to bring a bunch of things with you like make-up or a jacket, but they won’t fit in you small and cute purse so you’re forced to use your enormous and bulky handbag

Hope you like this post! Like it 👍🏼 if you agree and comment if you’ve experienced some of those annoying things too!


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