My autumn essentials!

Hi everyone! I’m back with an other autumn inspired blog post! Surrounded by red and yellow leaves, I decided to write about what for me is “autumn essential”. 🍂🍁                       

As soon as this season comes I always think of painting my nails purple, maroon and nude colours, and my favourite nail polishes are from Rimmel (now I’ve got the Red Award colour on and I love it). Fluffy and woolly blankets can’t miss on my bed because I don’t know about you, but I’m always cold in the evenings and I also wear a pair of fluffy slippers which are boot-shaped: I love them and I think I’ll use them for the whole winter too. This is the season when I start using a lip balm in the mornings and my favourite one is The Fleur de Noël from Yves Rocher (yes, it was in the Christmas collection, but it’s very fine so I can’t stop using it) and it’s..vanilla flavoured..thing that I love! In autumn it’s essential to have a suitable lipstick and the perfect colours are the same ones I mentioned for the nail polishes, BUT I haven’t got a decent one 😦 so I’m going to look for a new one to buy. My last autumn essentials are candles, suitable for relaxing when I have a lot of homework and hot drinks.

Hope you enjoyed my autumn essentials! Follow me for new autumn inspired posts♥︎

Gio  nailsnailpolish-lipstick


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