#School and Uni

Hi everyone! I decided to write something about my school in Italy, my school supplies and my..“ideas” (because I’m really confused at the moment) for my future university.

I attend the last year but one of a secondary school, specialising in classical studies so two of the most important subjects are Greek and Latin. I chose this school because I hate Maths (I study it anyway but classes are shorter) I’m interested in classical subjects and I’m hopeless at drawing and this subject is missing in my school. I love taking notes, in fact I use loads of notebooks and different pens. I’m not sure I’ve got a real “study method”: I just use colours to write important things and I often make simple and small outlines, patterns of thought. What have always worked for me is repeating lessons out loud. When I have to write titles I use different felt-tips, while when I have to underline important information I use a yellow highlighter. Sometimes when I don’t feel like studying or just speaking I read lessons from my book and then I type them on my laptop, or I write them down on my exercise book. I use small colourful notebooks for each subjects to take notes at school and I’ve also got a simple diary to draw diagrams for Maths and Physics.   

And now..what would I like to be? Next year I’ll have to decide what university to attend and as I said I’m a bit worried because all my friends have already decided..I’m interested in science and medicine, I’d really like to study those subjects, but I’m also obsessed with photography, video-editing and creative writing..so I’d like to attend the communication and new media university in Milan..

If you’re deciding on a suitable university for you as well, comment below what you would like to study, or if you’re attending university comment what (and why) you decided to study!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post! Greetings from Italy!

Gio ❤︎🇮🇹


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