One lovely blog award

Hi everyone!! I read the “One lovely blog award” on Nira’s blog (click the name to see her blog) and I found it very nice. She nominated everyone who wants to do this kind of post, so I thought it was a good idea. Thanks Nira for writing that lovely post! The rules are:

1. Post to accept the nomination

2. Thanks the person who nominated you and a link back to their blog

3. List 7 things about yourself

4. Link to the blogs you nominate

5. Notify the recipients of their award

6. Post the rules

Now seven things about me: ❤︎

  • I’m Italian
  • I love travelling by plane (every time I must sit next to the window!)
  • I love editing videos and taking photos (especially of food!)
  • I like watching basketball matches
  • I’ve had three eye operations 😣
  • I enjoy watching videos about make-up on Youtube
  • I love writing (especially love stories) and having this blog!

Thanks for reading that! My nominations are:

See you next Monday!❤️  Gio


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