Lip-care products

Hi everyone! Every morning when I go to school on foot I die of cold! My lips are always dry, chapped and they often bleed: it’s very annoying! This blog post is for everyone who has got this problem: i’m going to be talking about the products I usually use to take care of my lips! First of all I use a sweet-salty lip-scrub from Lush to make my lips softer and remove any dead skin. It’s just amazing: the first time I tried it, in the shop, I was so impressed that I bought it in no time, then I tried the Lush shiny lip balm too: these two products are perfect together! As an everyday product I use my favourite lip balm from Yves Rocher that is colourless and vanilla flavoured. In my school backpack I’ve always got my nourishing lip balm from Yves Rocher that is pistachio and chocolate flavoured. When I want to add some colour to my lips I use the Labello care & colour lip balm in the pink shade: it’s very pretty and I sometimes use it as a lipgloss.

So those were my lip-care products! I hope you found this blog post useful! Leave a comment on your favourite lip balm, lipstick or lipgloss! 💄💋 products2

Gio  ❤️


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