My Christmas playlist 2016 is on. Who’s ready for the best time of the year?!

This is my first blogMas post! December is here and we can already see fairy lights everywhere. I love this period filled with expectation and all the lovely and happy songs on the radio. Candles, vivid red decorations, little gold  balls and..fairy lights. Yeah, they’re essential. They’re omnipresent. So, what really matters at Christmas? Friends and family.  We can spend more time with whom we love and devote our spare time to our pursuits, thinking about life…standing near the fireplace…it’s time for relaxing, having hot drinks, watching movies, staring at our Christmas tree. I can’t wait for the Christmas holidays to arrive! When I think about Christmas, snow comes to mind, in fact it’s a typical element of this time of the year. Probably the more we grow up, the more we dislike it, since it can be very annoying for example when we have to go to school or work by car. I remember that last year it was sunny on Christmas and it was certainly beautiful, but if it could snow just on Christmas, there would be the perfect atmosphere! ❄️

Ok, that’s all! Hope you liked my first blogMas post! Let me know in the comments what you like the most about Christmas! See you soon, Gio❤️

Ps. I’m so excited also for my birthday that it’s going to be next Wednesday!candles2ball2


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