Winter vibes

Today’s second blogMas post is about things I like doing during this christmassy period! ❄️An artificial ice rink is created every winter in the centre of my town and since I love skating on ice, I often go there with my friends. That’s totally my favourite winter sport! At Christmas I also enjoy going shopping for new cozy jumpers! Every year I spend a day in Milan to tour the centre and go window shopping. I always have a lot of fun, besides I love its christmassy atmosphere.              

I’m fond of chocolate drinks, in fact when I hang out with my friends in the cold afternoons, we always stop at a bar to have one. On Christmas holidays I love when my friends come to my place to watch action movies and have hot drinks! Moreover I enjoy reading romantic books near the fireplace: it’s just relaxing!                                                       

Then I obviously love decorating my room for Christmas! I put some fairy lights and little gold balls on my shelves and vivid red decorations on my desk. When I want to relax or make the atmosphere more pleasant, I light some of my favourite candles.

I hope you enjoyed my second blogMas post!

See you very soon!red2



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