Festive make-up and outfit

Hi! Today’s my birthday!! I’m so excited about tonight’s party with my friends and classmates! So I decided to share with you the make-up and outfit I’m going to wear. 🎉

For this special occasion I bought a black long-sleeved dress from H&M and the feature I like the most is that it uncovers my shoulders. Then I’m going to wear my low-heeled boots to complete the outfit. For my make-up I’m going to use my favourite Urban Decay palette that I’ve already shown you in an other post. In particular I went for the “Commando” and the “Instinct” shades that are awesome. As mascaras I’m going to use one from Avon and the other one from Collistar to give my eye-lashes volume. For my lips I’ve chosen my Matte liquid lipstick from Maybelline in the “Nude flush” shade.

I’m looking forward to celebrating my party AND eating my Nutella birthday cake!!😋

I hope you liked this short post!makeupme




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