Instagram tag

Hi everybody! I can’t wait for Christmas!! 🎄

This post is a sort of an Instagram tag, so I‘m going to be writing about my “relationship” with this social medium by following some questions.

Firstly I’ve been subscribed to Instagram for about a year, ( it’s gior_insta) but honestly in the beginning I posted pictures quite rarely and they were a bit low-quality. (I think I’ve improved my photography skills in the last few months!) I’m not obsessed with it, in fact I post only when I do want to share something that makes me happy with my friends and followers. So I have to say that I’m not very active on this sharing platform. My first photo isn’t my very first one actually, because I obviously deleted the oldest ones that I considered embarrassing! At the moment the first one you can see on my profile is of me and my friend Bea queuing for a concert in Milan. Instagram is my most loved social medium, in fact it’s the one I use more often since I love taking pictures and editing them. My worst photo on Instagram is..a fountain at Hampton’s Court gardens! It’s unbelievable because that place is awesome, but my photo is actually a bit out of focus:( So, why did I post it? I don’t know..maybe I was very excited about my study trip! My most liked photo is of me chilling at a mountain lake last summer! I love it so much because there’s a cool light 🙂 ✨                                                                                       

I currently have 182 followers and I follow 503 people and brands. I love all the photos by @thepinkdiary, @americanstyle, @street_style_paris. My favourite filter is the Valencia one and my most used hashtag is.. #Sun.

I only have 35 photos and this is because I tend to post them only when I think they’re perfect..I always want to make sure that they’re exactly as I expected.

Hope you liked this post! Don’t forget to check out my Instagram profile here: my instagram

If you want to, you can leave your Instagram below so I can check it out too.



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