New exciting products!

Hi everyone! For today’s blog post I’m going to share with you some lovely products I received for my birthday. I found them really useful and interesting, so I hope you’ll enjoy reading about them!

They’re three products for your skin-care from the limited edition by Yves Rocher and a mini beauty bag. Starting from my favourite one that is a pear and cocoa lip balm, I can say it’s very good for your lips and I like the flavour even though it can sound a bit odd. Certainly this lip balm isn’t my favourite ever, but I found it very fine and however the flavour is delicate. Oh and the entire collection is peer and cocoa flavoured! The second product is a hand cream that I’ve been using a lot in the last few cold days. It’s very fine and the thing I love is that it sinks in quite quickly. I noticed that its flavour is even more delicate that the one of the lip balm! The third product is a liquid hand soap and I have to admit that it’s so good! I love it and I’m afraid someone in my family will finish it without me noticing!


The last thing I was given for my birthday is a mini beauty bag from Claire’s that is very cute and useful. I love the white and black stripes and the small ribbon.

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