Myself in a minute

<<I enjoy writing, singing and dreaming

I’m an italian girl aged 17 and I live near Milan

I love English and Spanish

I love creating, I’m an arty person

I’m crazy about taking photos and editing videos

I keep a diary where I write about myself and my thoughts

I also have a blog on wordpress about beauty and lifestyle

I’m reflective and optimistic

I want to be curious

I like staying with my friends

I like laughing

I like fighting for my dreams

This is me

I’m Giorgia>>

This is what I wrote and said to introduce myself with a video.

I wanted it to be simple, natural, witty and original at the same time.

I actually made it to enter a contest to win a video editing course which I’d really like to attend !!

I uploaded it also on youtube to get my channel started (Giojo) even though I don’t know if I’ll continue my experience on youtube..

Check it out ( HERE ) and please comment on what you think about it, here or under the video!

Thank you!




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