Hi everyone and welcome to my blog! In Italy holidays are about to end and I’m super sad and angry about it, because it means that school is going to start again very soon.

Personally I always try hard to see this as a new beginning, a way to resume my everyday life correcting all the little negative things I noticed while thinking about my life during the holiday time. If they are holidays, why do we have homework?

I often put  my homework off on holiday, but then I end up submerged with pages to study. AND…here it comes. Anxiety. This word is at the beginning of my old blog post called “Being a girl” (part 1) and one of the reasons is that this feeling can affect our lives, intensifying our bad moments. I’m anxious due to my next school tests and lack of time, so I’m scared of getting stressful and failing. Some friends of mine have to face anxiety related problems too (and more than me), so I can understand how it feels somehow. I’m not an expert at all, but in my opinion sometimes talking about your feelings and what scares you is the best way to get out of it. Opening up is the secret. Maybe also writing a list of steps through which anxiety occurs can work!

I really hope you enjoyed reading this kind of blog post, if you have any advice please leave a comment😁



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