Tasting Greek food & photos

Hi everyone!! I’m finally back for an interesting blog post with cute photos! Today I hung out with some friends of mine that I met at the seaside last summer and we had lunch at “Santorini tavern” where I finally tasted some Greek food!! On the walls there are lovely photos of Santorini that made me feel like going to the seaside! 🏝 The atmosphere was pleasant and it was like being on holiday 🌊  Firstly I was tempted to order a Mussakà that (from the photo) looked like the Italian lasagna with potatoes and aubergines, but in the end we all went for a Gyros Pita.

I found out that these pitas are a kind of bread with the tzatziki sauce (made of yoghurt and cucumbers), some tomatoes, chips and chicken. Honestly I didn’t know how to eat it because it’s full of meat so as soon as you take a bite, this all falls down! Even though the portion wasn’t so big, it was very substantial. We also ordered a dessert called Baklavà that is a sheet of pastry with nuts, almonds and honey and covered of chocolate. It was so good!! The chocolate was amazing and the honey gave the perfect sweet taste.

After lunch we had a walk then we stopped at a park to take some photos with my friend’s Polaroid. We also tried some filters for the lens that applied some colour effects to the photos. In the end with the “photo shooting” we had a lot of fun and the weather was very nice so the photos turned out well! 😁 

Hope you liked this post!

See you soon,



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