How I edit my pics with Photoshop

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog! In the last few days I’ve taken lots of pictures with my friends in my city and I’ve collected them in my hard disk: I love fill it with folders!! Because lots of folders means lots of photos and lots of photos means…lots of memories!

I enjoy watching my photo collection while I listen to music and I absolutely love editing them to improve lights and colours. So I decided to write this blog post about how I edit my photos using the Photoshop programme (CC 2015.5 version) in particular a small section of it that allows you to keep your photos very natural. The first thing I do is cropping my photo, if something wrong is included or the subject isn’t centred, then I go to “filter” and I choose “Raw filter camera”. This section is for fixing different values such as saturation, exposure, contrast, shadows, but also any red eye. I like this section because I don’t have to choose a specific filter, but I can change every single value as much as I want to reach the perfect colours. When my photo is a bit dark I increase the exposure and I love adding some saturation too. I often lower the clarity of my photos because it creates a soft effect that makes my skin perfect, moreover the landscape looks brighter and fairy: it’s so lovely! I sometimes raise the level of the “whites” when I want the photo to look brighter and I also change the bar of the shadows to delete them.

My favourite value is the saturation because it gives more colour and light at the same time, but it can ruin the photo if you raise it too much. For example if it’s too high, your face will turn orange! Here below I leave a recent photo that I edited changing the saturation, clarity, exposure and contrast, hope you like it!





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