3 weird things!

Recently I’ve found myself being in a “creative” mood, in fact I’ve uploaded some videos on my youtube channel (it’s Giojo) and I’ve thought a lot about my future, passions, projects… (In the end I was accepted for the editing and writing course in Milan! I’m attending it in June and I’m so excited!) So while I was listening to music in my room, I decided to write a blog post about 3 weird things related to my life.

The first one is..I’ve got a sort of diary (as I said in other blog posts I’m obsessed with notebooks) which my friends got me for my birthday and I use it to write my day’s quotes. In the beginning I always remembered to write a sentence about my mood or something that happened on each day like “to see a change you need to think about it and act gradually and steadily” (this one comes back to December, 28), but now I hardly rememberer to do that and I always think <<What a pity, it was a good “tradition”>>. Haha Who knows if I’ll restart writing weird quotes pretending to be a philosopher…

The second thing is..I used to write everything with my black pen ranging from my homework, diary to notes because I thought that black was a “powerful” colour so very “clean-cut”, while blu was powerless and dim. My school notes had to be clear and tidy and black was the suitable colour to reach that condition to me haha but yesterday I found a blue pen inside one of my penholder and I started using it at school and surprisingly I found my notes clearer! I was like “Omg, this sudden change has turned out to be great!”

The third thing is..as a girl, I sometimes go crazy when I have to choose my outfit for school especially when my favourite clothes are in the washing machine. So I did a list of possible outfits to wear and I hung it on my wardrobe to remind myself a good matching when I have no idea about what to wear the next day!

I hope you liked this weird blog post! See you soon,




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