My Makeup Favourites!

Hi everyone! ❤️Welcome to my blog! It’s been so long since I last wrote a blogpost about beauty, so today I decided to talk about some makeup products that I’ve enjoyed using lately. The first product is my go to mascara and it’s the Falsies push up drama mascara by Maybelline. My friend got me it for my birthday and I’ve been using it since then: I couldn’t do without it! I admit that if I had to choose only one product to bring with me, I would say my mascara. Anyway this one from Maybelline is very fine and I think is suitable for giving volume to your leashes, but maybe it’s not perfect at lengthening them. So I would say it’s good for everyday makeup looks. Then another product I love is the concealer by Nars in the shade Vanilla. The packaging is amazing and so is the coverage! The first time I tried it I was amazed: it works almost like a highlighter, in fact it’s a radiant creamy concealer. The third product completes a makeup look giving a vivid colour to your cheeks: it’s the Rockateur blush by Benefit! After the concealer, I apply this blush and I’m really happy with the combination! In fact the packaging goes: “a show-stopping flush”…I love its effect!! It’s the perfect glowing and frosted blush and it also smells so good. I’m so excited for the fourth product..I wanted it so bad and I’m so happy to have it! It’s the Nyx Lingerie liquid lipstick n.15 in the shade “Bustier”! Its colour is almost undefinable and this fact makes it special. It’s a bit dark for me because I don’t usually use such dull colours on my lips, but this one is gorgeous and honestly I’m trying to test different lipsticks and change my usual makeup a little bit! It lasts quite a long time, but it obviously depends on what you do, for example if you go out for a meal, the colour fades gradually and your lips end up looking like they’re dirty..:(  but intact I think it’s so pretty! The last product is for skin-caring: it’s the refined finish facial polish by Benefit. (This beauty brand is so good!) I bought this face scrub mainly for my nose because it’s always red and irritated and I hope this product could help my skin to get better. I use it twice a week, one day after getting up and the other one while having a shower. It smells really good and helps smooth away imperfections, but I know I’ll have to use it steadily before seeing improvements.

These were my current makeup favourites, I hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost!

Gio xx



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