A Stressful Week

Hi everyone! I’m sitting in my bedroom to write this blogpost, and it’s a bit late. I survived a stressful week, as a matter of fact I’m looking forward to going on my school trip to unwind. I’m going to Amsterdam with my classmates and I’m very excited, but kind of worried because I haven’t packed anything yet. I can’t wait for taking pictures, going sightseeing, having strolls, tasting new food..in short I want to travel. I just want to set off and unplug from my daily routine, even if it’s going to be only for 5 days. As I said it has been a stressful week. Firstly last Monday I was tested orally in science (it was about the nervous system) and history (I studied Napoleon), the next day I had another test about philosophy and on Thursday I had an Art test. It was hard to be prepared for all the tests properly and I feared to loose concentration, but luckily I managed to get good marks. Yesterday I took the FCE exam (I was tested on my speaking) which is the First Certificate in English, while this morning I completed the tasks for the other parts of the tests which included reading and use of English, writing (an essay and an article) and listening. The exam lasted about five hours and I felt very tired. I found the grammar part pretty easy, but the listening one was much harder than I expected. I really hope I did my very best. What has worked for me when I felt discouraged was breathing, repeating that “everything will be fine” and looking around because inspiration can be found in the simplest things that surround us.

Stay tuned because new blogposts about my trip are about to arrive!! Of course along with lots of nice photos!!

xx Gio


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