Our Flight’s Been Cancelled!!

As I said in my last blogpost, I was about to leave for Amsterdam, but this morning me and my classmates were told that our flight had been cancelled 😱 We were freaking out cause we were sick with worried so I thought to write something here to kill time since we had to wait so long for another flight. So here are some things you can do if your flight’s been cancelled:

💕Don’t panic! Deep breaths and lovely thoughts. You need to be optimistic at least once in your life, so think that you’re having (a new one, for me) an experience so that you’ll be prepared in the future. In short, think positive.

💕Listen to music! This helps a lot unwind and distract you from bad thoughts. And if you get bored due to stressful waits, music will be the perfect solution.

💕Rant by chatting to your friends. Don’t let the discomfort wear you out, so complain about everything with your best friend. If she/he isn’t with you, call her/him and bring her/him into your awkward world.

💕Go window shopping. You’re in an airport and there are lots of things to do and see haha Go around and let your mind relax.

What a beautiful start of Spring!! XP


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