AMSTERDAM-Travel diary

Hello everybody! I came back from Amsterdam where I stayed with my classmates for 4 days. We also visited L’Aja and Delft on our second day there. It was always sunny, but very windy and chilly! As soon as we arrived, we noticed tons of bicycles parked next to the numerous bridges and lots of people cycling at the speed of light. The first thing we did was buying a travel card so that we could take a bus or a tram to reach the centre of the city then we went sightseeing. On the first day we visited the Van Gogh museum which was nice and well-organised. My favourite picture was Almond Blossom, in fact I bought the mobile case with the same flowery pattern on. It’s so cute! After the museum we looked for a restaurant to have lunch and since we had little time and were undecided, we just went to an Argentine restaurant and had some meat with chips. They were good and we had fun while trying to speak Spanish, thing for which we failed because we couldn’t remember much from our old lessons at middle school..haha. In the afternoon we met our guide who told us about the city and brought us to see the station, some lovely canals and the Flower Market. We took lots of photos at Dam square also while enjoying the city by night. In the evenings we had dinner at a typical pub near the Red Light district. The main courses were always soups, especially with mushrooms, then they served us some fish or meat with chips or some vegetables. We weren’t used to that kind of food at all, but I found it acceptable, actually I like tasting local dishes. At the end of the day we were so tired, but happy with our visit and, weird fact, every night after dinner, we burst out laughing! We always thought that it was because   of the mushrooms haha Then we fought against the wind and got to the bus stop late at night to come back to our hotel, the Meininger. Our room n. 529 at the 5th floor was nice and cosy and looked out over a little square. From the windows we could see a huge tower called “Crystal tower” which was cute to see early in the morning, illuminated by the sun. We got up at 7 am and there was four of us, so we had to be quick while preparing. I always managed to do my make-up properly in a short time: I surprised myself! For breakfast there were no croissants, thing that made me sad, but luckily there were some toasts, so from the second day onwards I started eating them smeared with Nutella ( at first I didn’t manage to find it ). I loved breakfast moments even though the room was a bit crowded due to several students visiting Amsterdam.

Here are a few pics I took of the city..follow my next blogposts for more!!

GIO xx



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