Spring Goals! 🌸🌸

How beautiful is Spring? I love this season: it renews my daily routine and it’s full of lovely sunny days and the temperature is perfect. I love taking photos of budding flowers: they’re so cute and..instagrammable!


For this season that accompanies the last school days I’ve got some goals I’d like to reach and share with you guys.

Number 1: More workouts. Since the temperature is good because it’s neither hot nor cold in the afternoon, it would be great to go out in the open air and spend some time working out. During winter I just went to the gym very little, so it’s the right moment to improve my lifestyle and make an effort to stay active!

Number 2: New outfits. Spring time means bright colours, so I need to change my outfits a little bit and create new ones! Maybe something more flowery! haha

Number 3: More going out in the open air. School test are over so I have more time to hang out with my friends and enjoy nature. I absolutely need a break!

Number 4: Eat more healthily and drink more water. Last winter I ended up eating too many sweets and neglecting my body a little bit. I need to catch up with my balanced diet to help my skin get better and drinking a lot of water is always the best solution.

Number 5: Read more. It’s time to go back to carefree reading to let my mind stray. At the moment I’m loving Zoella’s latest novel..I got it quite a long time ago, but I haven’t finished it yet!!

Number 6: Visit new cities, places, exhibitions. This is the hardest point because of little time, but I hope I’ll be able to see new things and go sightseeing.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost about Spring! Have you got any goals you would like to reach for this season?? let me know in the comments!

Gio xx



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