Beautiful Italy – part 2

Hey readers! This time one of the largest cities in Italy which I’ve been to is.. Bologna! It might be difficult to pronounce in English, but it must be famous for spaghetti alla bolognese! The city is also characterised by its lengthy porticoes and a way rather long street called Independence Street where you can find most of the shops. I visited the most important square that is “Piazza Maggiore” and the “Basilica of St. Petronio”, a lovely church with a panoramic terrace. We had lunch at an indoors market: it was very crowded! I had a roll in with ham, cheese and grilled courgettes. In the afternoon I did some shopping for clothes and then we went to some local food markets. In the evening we had dinner at “32 tavern” where I had some  Risotto with sausage, pieces of Grana Padano cheese and Lambrusco wine: it was so good! And as for dessert I ordered a berries cheesecake: this was fantastic as well! Luckily it didn’t rain, so we managed to have a nice walk around the centre of the city. Undoubtedly it’s a very important cultural and artistic centre and what I enjoyed the most were the medieval towers and the antique buildings. And then the food, that is good, very good!! 😉CITY

I hope you liked reading this blog post!

Gio xx



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