Beautiful Italy – Part 3


This series of posts about Italian beauties is about to end 😦 This will be my last blog post about two small villages called Antagnod (day 1) and Champoluc (day 2) in the mountains in Northern Italy, situated in Aosta valley. The stunning landscape is composed of snow-capped glaciers and ancient homes in stone and wood. It was sunny, but very chilly and sometimes windy therefore I wore warm clothes for our walks in the woods. We walked beautiful paths covered in permanent snow and I stopped for lots of times to take pictures of flowers and the mountain range that surrounded us. We were at 1,900 meters of altitude and the view was gorgeous! We had lunch at a typical and cosy restaurant heated by a stove; the windows were so cute and they overlooked the valley. I had some polenta with cheese and butter paired with veal nuggets in tomato sauce: they were so good! I loved walking in the woods: they were so quiet and mysterious and there were lovely wooden bridges that made the place more enchanted. Plus, we saw several bushes and kinds of plants like the rhododendron, the larch and the spruce. At Champoluc we went for a walk through a park where some lovely wooden statues representing squirrels, fawns and fairies were put along the path. I sunbathed sat on a bench and then I stayed at a workout park where you could try some equipment to take some exercise. In the evenings we basically ate local food, so several kinds of cold cuts and cheese.

Here are some photos! I hope you liked reading this!

Gio xx 



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