YouTube: what I like

Hi everybody! I’ve recently discovered some new youtube channels which I find awesome, so I’m going to talk about my favourite “youtubers” and youtube content.

We sometimes spend hours on youtube and this sharing platform might become an obsession. I try to moderate myself in order to feel youtube as a hobby and not a distraction.

I personally enjoy watching lifestyle videos and I purposely search for some content by girls who don’t come from the same country as mine because I like to get to know new cultures, new ways of being and relate to other habits. It’s definitely my favourite part of youtube: sharing and relating. Anyway, I sometimes watch makeup tutorials, beauty hacks videos, hauls, vlogs..but recently I’ve been watching a lot of videos about school and study tips.

I’m very fond of this kind of videos and I subscribed to two channels in particular: UnJaded Jade (my current favourite youtuber) and Waystostudy. Jade has got an amazing channel especially thanks to its content, including motivational and self-love videos. Waystostudy has also got a blog called the same way, which is very helpful and I love its “tidy” look.

I’ve always thought of starting my own channel since I love making videos, photography and editing, but as far as I know, Youtube isn’t a joke even if you just do it for fun. As Jade said, she started her journey (in February, so quite recently, but she has reached more than 20,000 subs!!) only when she felt confident enough, and I think this is an important and necessary feeling to face everything and be yourself while talking to your camera. The secret to success.

What do you think about Youtube? Have you got any channel suggestions ?? Let me know in the comments!

Gio xx


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