Skin Problems :(

Hi there! I ran out of my favourite concealer and this is sad, but the reason why it happened is..that I used it a lot for my nose. It was so red and covered in dead skin and small spots. I didn’t care about it for a while, sometimes I didn’t even notice it when staring my reflection in the mirror. But when some people or friends of mine started looking at my nose and asking me if I had any allergies or a cold, I understood that it was evident. MAKEUP was the solution at that moment. I couldn’t accept that my nose looked like it was burnt therefore I decided to use a scrub in the morning to remove the dead skin. Then I started covering it with my Nars creamy concealer, even though the coverage wasn’t perfect and some people kept asking me “What’s wrong with your nose?”. I was like “OK, this redness must disappear now”. In the beginning I was happy that the concealer was helping me hide my red nose, but then I realised that I needed to solve the problem to stop the inflammation. I couldn’t let it get worse. I saw a dermatologist and she prescribed a treatment for me. My medical routine has become this: lactic ferments before breakfast, a suitable cream before my everyday makeup, nutritional supplement (it comes in a tablet and it tastes AWFUL, basically like kibble), a capsule everyday before having dinner and a pill-off mask every other evening. After all these things I can say that thankfully my nose is getting better and I really hope it will look normal soon! Today, after several weeks, I haven’t worn any makeup on my nose, yeah, because it’s not that bad!

I hope you liked this post, if you read it: a big thank you! ❤️

Gio xx


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