Summer vibes! My expectations

Hi everybody! School is almost over, therefore I’m very happy because I know I’ll have a lot of time for myself, my passions..I think it’ll be an amazing and super fun summer and I can’t wait to dive into it!! On the other hand I’m rather worry since this has been my last but one year of High School which means that next year I’m going to have the final and scary exams! My main expectations for summer 2017 are feasible: I’d just like to have fun, relax and spend time with my family and friends. The expectations that are less likely to become reality are: to keep fit! And to work hard for school! I’d say “try not to get bored” as an other difficult resolution. What do you guys think? I also want to challenge myself to read a lot of books because during school I didn’t have much time. In addition I’d say “to visit a city I’ve never been to”. I really to hope to plan a nice holiday with my girlfriends at the seaside! It would be super fun☀️

During summer I’ll plan all the new school supplies to buy and use for next year. I thought of changing something about my school method and the stuff I normally use.

I hope it will be an amazing summer!! Maybe one of the best I’ve ever had!

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Gio xx


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