Summer Rain

It was hot and I had just spent a fun afternoon with my friends at the pool. The door of our house was open to let some cool air get in. I could feel the breeze on my skin and “smell” the rain that was going to fall down from the clouds. Do you know that smell? I think it’s unmistakable. 

The leaves were moving, they looked like they were dancing to the sound of the wind. The sky was completely covered and I could see a weird light. I heard some thunders then I saw the purple lights. Loved them.

I got closer to the door to feel the chilly air.

I started hearing the first little drops that tapping, were falling slowly on the ground. 

Like a non-completely closed tap that looses some water. I stayed there while hearing that tapping sound.

Then the quick thunderstorm began.

The drops fell down and washed the cute plants and flowers in my garden. The little unripe green tomatoes were happy as well. 

The leaves looked nice with the tiny drops on them. I went out of the house and I took some photos. I filmed videos of the rain. I captured the moment and that sound.

This is summer rain.


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