Summer Make-Up! ☀️

Hi everybody! Welcome to my blog!

Today’s blog post is about MAKE-UP! I can’t wait to wear my new products on holiday at the seaside and create some cool make up looks to take beautiful pictures with my girlfriends! I’m going to start with my new bronzer, the Natural bronzer by Rimmel, which I finally got because I wanted to try it out. I also have got the Stay Matte powder by Rimmel and it’s amazing as you probably know since lots of people purchase it and speak well of it, so I bought the bronzer and it’s very pretty. This bronzer is waterproof and spf 15, so it’s also good to wear it at the beach. Mine is in the shade 022 sun bronze, the second range level, so it’s perfect for a bronzed look when you get quite tanned. As the powder, this bronzer smells good. I love it and the packaging is pretty. Obviously at the beach I don’t use any makeup (maybe except for the bronzer), but at night, if it’s not too hot I like using a little bit of concealer (Radiant creamy concealer by Nars) mixed with a darker foundation (Teint miracle radiant foundation by Lancome). My inseparable mascara is the mini Too Faced Better than sex mascara, the most important product to me, even if I can’t use it in the water..but I don’t use a waterproof one, because I just don’t feel like using it so I’ve never bought one. On my face I love using a highlighter, but I haven’t found a good but cheap shiny powder yet, so at the moment I’m using a liquid one by Wycon, the Shiny cream electro carousel in the shade rose. It’s pretty, but I have to use a huge amount of it on my cheekbones to see a good effect. In the end to complete the look I love wearing the amazing matte liquid lipstick by Kylie Jenner cosmetics in the shade Posie K. The packaging is super cool, I love it! This lipstick is so good and it also smells good! It drys very quickly and the effect is stunning! I must admit that it lasts quite long, so it’s good for when you have to go out for a meal (it doesn’t ruin much). I just love it and this colour in particular is very cool. Have you got any Kylie lipstick?

I hope you liked reading this blog post!

Gio xxbronz and powbronzergeneralegenerale2


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