Summer Make-Up! ☀️

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Today’s blog post is about MAKE-UP! I can’t wait to wear my new products on holiday at the seaside and create some cool make up looks to take beautiful pictures with my girlfriends! I’m going to start with my new bronzer, the Natural bronzer by Rimmel, which I finally got because I wanted to try it out. I also have got the Stay Matte powder by Rimmel and it’s amazing as you probably know since lots of people purchase it and speak well of it, so I bought the bronzer and it’s very pretty. This bronzer is waterproof and spf 15, so it’s also good to wear it at the beach. Mine is in the shade 022 sun bronze, the second range level, so it’s perfect for a bronzed look when you get quite tanned. As the powder, this bronzer smells good. I love it and the packaging is pretty. Obviously at the beach I don’t use any makeup (maybe except for the bronzer), but at night, if it’s not too hot I like using a little bit of concealer (Radiant creamy concealer by Nars) mixed with a darker foundation (Teint miracle radiant foundation by Lancome). My inseparable mascara is the mini Too Faced Better than sex mascara, the most important product to me, even if I can’t use it in the water..but I don’t use a waterproof one, because I just don’t feel like using it so I’ve never bought one. On my face I love using a highlighter, but I haven’t found a good but cheap shiny powder yet, so at the moment I’m using a liquid one by Wycon, the Shiny cream electro carousel in the shade rose. It’s pretty, but I have to use a huge amount of it on my cheekbones to see a good effect. In the end to complete the look I love wearing the amazing matte liquid lipstick by Kylie Jenner cosmetics in the shade Posie K. The packaging is super cool, I love it! This lipstick is so good and it also smells good! It drys very quickly and the effect is stunning! I must admit that it lasts quite long, so it’s good for when you have to go out for a meal (it doesn’t ruin much). I just love it and this colour in particular is very cool. Have you got any Kylie lipstick?

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MAKE-UP question tag!

Hi everyone! Today I’m doing a girly blog post since I’m going to answer some questions that I found on the internet and they are going to be all about MAKE-UP. 

-What foundation do you use? I’ve got the Teint miracle radiant foundation by Lancôme that is so good, but I don’t use it everyday. Undoubtedly when I want to do a complete make-up look this foundation is perfect and the coverage is awesome.

– How about concealer? I use my Radiant creamy concealer by Nars as a rule and I love it! It’s in the shade vanilla and it’s perfect for my everyday make-up looks!

-Do you know your undertone color? I don’t know exactly..but I think it’s neutral so neither warm or cool.

-What do you think of fake eyelashes? I’ve never used them and I think they’re too exaggerated, even though when I sometimes see girls wearing them I think they look pretty. 

-Did you know that you are suppose to change your mascara every 3 months? Yes, but like most of girls I forget about it and I continue to use my favourite mascara, especially if it was very expensive.

-What brand of mascara do you use? I’ve tried lots of mascaras so far and my favourite one is the Better the sex mascara by Too faced. I also use the Falsies push up drama mascara by Maybelline.

-What makeup tools do you use in make up application? I use two brushes to apply my concealer and foundation and a make-up sponge to blend them and other two brushes for my blush and powder.

-Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes? No, I don’t. I’d like to buy one.

-For the face? No, I don’t usually use one.

-What is your favorite eyeshadow (color or shade)? My favourite shades are all the nudes, therefore I use my Naked, Ultimate basics palette by Urban Decay.

-Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner? No, I’m not fond of eyeliner.

-What do you think of pigment eyeshadows? I don’t use them, but I think they’re cool, if applied properly!

-Do you use mineral makeup? No, I don’t. It’s just for very special occasions.

-What is your favorite lipstick? My favourite lipstick is an old one bright pink by Chanel, but in my bag I always have my Lasting finish lipstick by Rimmel & Kate Moss in the shade nude 055.

-What is your favorite blush to use? It’s definitely the gorgeous Rockateur by Benefit!! It’s the best blush ever and I’d totally recommend it!

-Do you buy your makeup on ebay? No, I don’t. I always find my make-up at Sephora’s.

-Did you ever consider taking make-up classes? No, but I’d like to have a friend who is obsessed with make-up and very good at doing it so that I could have the flawless make-up done haha and obviously improve my skills!

-Are you clumsy in putting on makeup? In the beginning I was quite uncertain, but I watched lots of tutorials and I improved in putting it on.

-Do you like colorful shades of makeup (lipstick,eyeshadow) or neutral ones? I prefer neutral ones.

-If you could leave the house using just ONE make up item, what would you use? Mascara!

-Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on? It depends where and with whom I go out.

-Do you think you look good even without any makeup on? Maybe, but at the moment I’ve got some horrible and annoying pimples, so i can’t do without using it.

-In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line? hardest question. impossible question.

-What do you think of Makeup? I love it and I think it’s an impressive and fascinating form of art. It’s something you can feel passionate about and something you can play with. I agree that natural beauty is the most important thing, but in my opinion it’s more important to be yourself and happy with your person, so if make-up makes you feel good, you shouldn’t feel ashamed of wearing it.

I hope you liked reading this question tag. Have a nice day!

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My Makeup Favourites!

Hi everyone! ❤️Welcome to my blog! It’s been so long since I last wrote a blogpost about beauty, so today I decided to talk about some makeup products that I’ve enjoyed using lately. The first product is my go to mascara and it’s the Falsies push up drama mascara by Maybelline. My friend got me it for my birthday and I’ve been using it since then: I couldn’t do without it! I admit that if I had to choose only one product to bring with me, I would say my mascara. Anyway this one from Maybelline is very fine and I think is suitable for giving volume to your leashes, but maybe it’s not perfect at lengthening them. So I would say it’s good for everyday makeup looks. Then another product I love is the concealer by Nars in the shade Vanilla. The packaging is amazing and so is the coverage! The first time I tried it I was amazed: it works almost like a highlighter, in fact it’s a radiant creamy concealer. The third product completes a makeup look giving a vivid colour to your cheeks: it’s the Rockateur blush by Benefit! After the concealer, I apply this blush and I’m really happy with the combination! In fact the packaging goes: “a show-stopping flush”…I love its effect!! It’s the perfect glowing and frosted blush and it also smells so good. I’m so excited for the fourth product..I wanted it so bad and I’m so happy to have it! It’s the Nyx Lingerie liquid lipstick n.15 in the shade “Bustier”! Its colour is almost undefinable and this fact makes it special. It’s a bit dark for me because I don’t usually use such dull colours on my lips, but this one is gorgeous and honestly I’m trying to test different lipsticks and change my usual makeup a little bit! It lasts quite a long time, but it obviously depends on what you do, for example if you go out for a meal, the colour fades gradually and your lips end up looking like they’re dirty..:(  but intact I think it’s so pretty! The last product is for skin-caring: it’s the refined finish facial polish by Benefit. (This beauty brand is so good!) I bought this face scrub mainly for my nose because it’s always red and irritated and I hope this product could help my skin to get better. I use it twice a week, one day after getting up and the other one while having a shower. It smells really good and helps smooth away imperfections, but I know I’ll have to use it steadily before seeing improvements.

These were my current makeup favourites, I hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost!

Gio xx


New exciting products!

Hi everyone! For today’s blog post I’m going to share with you some lovely products I received for my birthday. I found them really useful and interesting, so I hope you’ll enjoy reading about them!

They’re three products for your skin-care from the limited edition by Yves Rocher and a mini beauty bag. Starting from my favourite one that is a pear and cocoa lip balm, I can say it’s very good for your lips and I like the flavour even though it can sound a bit odd. Certainly this lip balm isn’t my favourite ever, but I found it very fine and however the flavour is delicate. Oh and the entire collection is peer and cocoa flavoured! The second product is a hand cream that I’ve been using a lot in the last few cold days. It’s very fine and the thing I love is that it sinks in quite quickly. I noticed that its flavour is even more delicate that the one of the lip balm! The third product is a liquid hand soap and I have to admit that it’s so good! I love it and I’m afraid someone in my family will finish it without me noticing!


The last thing I was given for my birthday is a mini beauty bag from Claire’s that is very cute and useful. I love the white and black stripes and the small ribbon.

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Festive make-up and outfit

Hi! Today’s my birthday!! I’m so excited about tonight’s party with my friends and classmates! So I decided to share with you the make-up and outfit I’m going to wear. 🎉

For this special occasion I bought a black long-sleeved dress from H&M and the feature I like the most is that it uncovers my shoulders. Then I’m going to wear my low-heeled boots to complete the outfit. For my make-up I’m going to use my favourite Urban Decay palette that I’ve already shown you in an other post. In particular I went for the “Commando” and the “Instinct” shades that are awesome. As mascaras I’m going to use one from Avon and the other one from Collistar to give my eye-lashes volume. For my lips I’ve chosen my Matte liquid lipstick from Maybelline in the “Nude flush” shade.

I’m looking forward to celebrating my party AND eating my Nutella birthday cake!!😋

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My party make-up look!

Hi everyone! I decided to share with you a party make-up look that I created for a special occasion yesterday night, in particular the eyeshadows and the lipstick I used. I went to a birthday party with my friends, it was in a lounge&bar in the centre of town.  I wore a magenta sweater with embroidered lace, a pair of black jeans and my low-heeled boots.

For the eyeshadows I used the Naked ultimate basics palette from Urban Decay, particularly the Commando colour as a base on my eyelids and the Tempted colour in my upper corner. I love this palette! My favourite colours are the Nudie because it’s perfect for an everyday make-up, and the Tempted and Faith colours because I use them to create some shades. I love the matte effect they have and the pigment they contain and I adore the fact that they last so long!

On my lips I used the Vivid matte liquid lipstick number 05, called Nude flush, from Maybelline. It’s very pretty, quite bright and very long-lasting.

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Lip-care products

Hi everyone! Every morning when I go to school on foot I die of cold! My lips are always dry, chapped and they often bleed: it’s very annoying! This blog post is for everyone who has got this problem: i’m going to be talking about the products I usually use to take care of my lips! First of all I use a sweet-salty lip-scrub from Lush to make my lips softer and remove any dead skin. It’s just amazing: the first time I tried it, in the shop, I was so impressed that I bought it in no time, then I tried the Lush shiny lip balm too: these two products are perfect together! As an everyday product I use my favourite lip balm from Yves Rocher that is colourless and vanilla flavoured. In my school backpack I’ve always got my nourishing lip balm from Yves Rocher that is pistachio and chocolate flavoured. When I want to add some colour to my lips I use the Labello care & colour lip balm in the pink shade: it’s very pretty and I sometimes use it as a lipgloss.

So those were my lip-care products! I hope you found this blog post useful! Leave a comment on your favourite lip balm, lipstick or lipgloss! 💄💋 products2

Gio  ❤️