We are in Denmark!!


Giving Up Technology😱

I read an article about some people having a technology-free day and I thought that we don’t normally think of having one because we aren’t aware of our addiction to technology.

If I gave up technology, I would be interested in multiple different things, or I would pursue my passions by using different tools. For example, instead of writing on my laptop, I would do it on a sheet of paper holding a pen. And I LOVE it. If I stopped using my mobile phone, I would be less distracted and more focused on my homework and real life. If I didn’t have my camera, on holiday I would enjoy nature more and spend more time in the open air. If technology and Internet connection didn’t exist, I would be missing my friends who live far away from me since I wouldn’t be able to chat for long. On the contrary, the quality of our communication would be better if we used our telephones: we could have more and powerful feelings. And then I wouldn’t use my laptop for long, so I would find another way to have fun by going out with my friends more often. Our new technological devices have changed our daily life..and it’s nearly impossible to revert back to a tech-free world.

Gio xx

When Time Flies By..

It was one of my best holidays in the mountains and I collected lots of beautiful memories! But time flies by, so my last day arrived and the wonderful places and people I got to see came to my mind like a flow of ideas..

I went for several walks in the woods and I saw brooks, waterfalls, lakes and beautiful landscapes. The Dolomites mountains in Italy are very nice and I’ll never get tired of visiting them.

I edited a lot of videos about a bunch of lovely places I saw and I uploaded a short video on Youtube showing my memories..

CLICK HERE to watch it!!!


Do you feel INSPIRED??

To inspire: what does it mean? It’s encouraging, or making someone feel that they want to do something and can do it. I thought about this verb and action and I made a sort of survey, so I asked a couple of girlfriends of mine to explain what inspiring is for them, if they feel inspiring people and who they feel is inspiring to them.

What does inspiring mean? <<It’s being a model for someone who might have reached something I’d like to get>>  <<For me it’s to provide other people with ideas and incentivise them through gestures or manners>>  <<When you’re inspiring, you’re esteemed by someone who wants to become like you>>

Do you think you are an inspiring person? <<maybe yes, because of my attitude>>            <<I don’t know, but I’d like to be inspiring for someone>>  <<No, I’m not. I’d like to become inspiring one day.>>

Who inspires you?  <<People who I think are better than me and always manage to do everything effortlessly>>  <<The ones who reached the goals I’d love to achieve myself>>  <<People like Steph Curry or Cecilia Zandalasini (basketball players) because their dreams came true and I’d love to be a basketball player like they are.

Well, they all answered similar things and the key-words are: goal, model and dream, hope. I feel that “this inspires me” and “this is my inspiration” mean something slightly different. I think that something inspiring can trigger new ideas or in Italian you say it when you feel you’re interested in that, while an inspiration is something you would like to achieve, like a dream. However at the heart of inspiration there’s creativity, good feelings and caring people who believe in you because to be eager to succeed you should begin to believe in your skills and yourself. Having inspirations is always good to maintain a lively mind and to stay positive (this is my new motto!).

<<And I hope you feel inspired>> Miley Cyrus – Inspired

I hope you liked reading this post!


Gio xx

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Summer Rain

It was hot and I had just spent a fun afternoon with my friends at the pool. The door of our house was open to let some cool air get in. I could feel the breeze on my skin and “smell” the rain that was going to fall down from the clouds. Do you know that smell? I think it’s unmistakable. 

The leaves were moving, they looked like they were dancing to the sound of the wind. The sky was completely covered and I could see a weird light. I heard some thunders then I saw the purple lights. Loved them.

I got closer to the door to feel the chilly air.

I started hearing the first little drops that tapping, were falling slowly on the ground. 

Like a non-completely closed tap that looses some water. I stayed there while hearing that tapping sound.

Then the quick thunderstorm began.

The drops fell down and washed the cute plants and flowers in my garden. The little unripe green tomatoes were happy as well. 

The leaves looked nice with the tiny drops on them. I went out of the house and I took some photos. I filmed videos of the rain. I captured the moment and that sound.

This is summer rain.

When I Started Blogging..❤️

A year. A year ago I was writing some of my first blog posts about my last summer and since that time my blog has grown and my blog posts have become 50! I’m very happy with this result because in the beginning I didn’t think I would have got so far with blogging, especially by writing in English that I’m still learning. But in the end it turned out to be easier than I imagined.

Some bloggers gave me support, others commented on my blog posts, I received more views on my website than I expected…So thank you to everyone who contribute to make my blog better and nicer!

I started blogging because I had lots of ideas and I decided to share them with people from all over the world. Then I love taking photos, writing and doing websites graphics, so I opened my blog here and I got to know the blogging activity.

I was able to write blog posts while I was on holiday or on a trip and I found it so fun!! I loved the idea of sharing moments of happiness, anxiety, joy, fear.. LIVE with people who were so far way from me. And English helped me to communicate 🙂

When I’m blogging I can think that others are living my adventure while they read and I feel it as a powerful way to stay positive and to fight loneliness.

I hope I’ll continue to write and share ideas with other bloggers in the future.

Thanks for reading! Write me anything you want just to chat!


Gio xx

Little Mix Concert 2017!

HEY! If you’re a mixer, leave a comment! I went to the Little Mix concert 2017 of the Glory Days Tour in Milan! I’m a mixer and I’m proud of it because their songs make me always feel happy, strong and confident. I love all of them and they don’t ever get me bored. If you go into my archives of June 2016, you’ll find my post about last year concert. So this was my second Little Mix concert and it was amazing! But maybe I preferred the last one because it was in the open air.

The girls were so cute and beautiful as always and the choreographies were gorgeous: you feel like dancing as they’re so addictive! The videos shown at their back were great: they created a cool atmosphere that mixed with their stunning voice made all look fantastic!! My favourite song was Touch, but I also enjoyed No more sad songs. What’s your current favourite song??

I loved it when Jesy shouted “Who in the crowd tonight is feeling sassyy?!”IMG_4392IMG_4526