When I Started Blogging..❤️

A year. A year ago I was writing some of my first blog posts about my last summer and since that time my blog has grown and my blog posts have become 50! I’m very happy with this result because in the beginning I didn’t think I would have got so far with blogging, especially by writing in English that I’m still learning. But in the end it turned out to be easier than I imagined.

Some bloggers gave me support, others commented on my blog posts, I received more views on my website than I expected…So thank you to everyone who contribute to make my blog better and nicer!

I started blogging because I had lots of ideas and I decided to share them with people from all over the world. Then I love taking photos, writing and doing websites graphics, so I opened my blog here and I got to know the blogging activity.

I was able to write blog posts while I was on holiday or on a trip and I found it so fun!! I loved the idea of sharing moments of happiness, anxiety, joy, fear.. LIVE with people who were so far way from me. And English helped me to communicate 🙂

When I’m blogging I can think that others are living my adventure while they read and I feel it as a powerful way to stay positive and to fight loneliness.

I hope I’ll continue to write and share ideas with other bloggers in the future.

Thanks for reading! Write me anything you want just to chat!


Gio xx

Little Mix Concert 2017!

HEY! If you’re a mixer, leave a comment! I went to the Little Mix concert 2017 of the Glory Days Tour in Milan! I’m a mixer and I’m proud of it because their songs make me always feel happy, strong and confident. I love all of them and they don’t ever get me bored. If you go into my archives of June 2016, you’ll find my post about last year concert. So this was my second Little Mix concert and it was amazing! But maybe I preferred the last one because it was in the open air.

The girls were so cute and beautiful as always and the choreographies were gorgeous: you feel like dancing as they’re so addictive! The videos shown at their back were great: they created a cool atmosphere that mixed with their stunning voice made all look fantastic!! My favourite song was Touch, but I also enjoyed No more sad songs. What’s your current favourite song??

I loved it when Jesy shouted “Who in the crowd tonight is feeling sassyy?!”IMG_4392IMG_4526

Summer vibes! My expectations

Hi everybody! School is almost over, therefore I’m very happy because I know I’ll have a lot of time for myself, my passions..I think it’ll be an amazing and super fun summer and I can’t wait to dive into it!! On the other hand I’m rather worry since this has been my last but one year of High School which means that next year I’m going to have the final and scary exams! My main expectations for summer 2017 are feasible: I’d just like to have fun, relax and spend time with my family and friends. The expectations that are less likely to become reality are: to keep fit! And to work hard for school! I’d say “try not to get bored” as an other difficult resolution. What do you guys think? I also want to challenge myself to read a lot of books because during school I didn’t have much time. In addition I’d say “to visit a city I’ve never been to”. I really to hope to plan a nice holiday with my girlfriends at the seaside! It would be super fun☀️

During summer I’ll plan all the new school supplies to buy and use for next year. I thought of changing something about my school method and the stuff I normally use.

I hope it will be an amazing summer!! Maybe one of the best I’ve ever had!

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Gio xx

Skin Problems :(

Hi there! I ran out of my favourite concealer and this is sad, but the reason why it happened is..that I used it a lot for my nose. It was so red and covered in dead skin and small spots. I didn’t care about it for a while, sometimes I didn’t even notice it when staring my reflection in the mirror. But when some people or friends of mine started looking at my nose and asking me if I had any allergies or a cold, I understood that it was evident. MAKEUP was the solution at that moment. I couldn’t accept that my nose looked like it was burnt therefore I decided to use a scrub in the morning to remove the dead skin. Then I started covering it with my Nars creamy concealer, even though the coverage wasn’t perfect and some people kept asking me “What’s wrong with your nose?”. I was like “OK, this redness must disappear now”. In the beginning I was happy that the concealer was helping me hide my red nose, but then I realised that I needed to solve the problem to stop the inflammation. I couldn’t let it get worse. I saw a dermatologist and she prescribed a treatment for me. My medical routine has become this: lactic ferments before breakfast, a suitable cream before my everyday makeup, nutritional supplement (it comes in a tablet and it tastes AWFUL, basically like kibble), a capsule everyday before having dinner and a pill-off mask every other evening. After all these things I can say that thankfully my nose is getting better and I really hope it will look normal soon! Today, after several weeks, I haven’t worn any makeup on my nose, yeah, because it’s not that bad!

I hope you liked this post, if you read it: a big thank you! ❤️

Gio xx

YouTube: what I like

Hi everybody! I’ve recently discovered some new youtube channels which I find awesome, so I’m going to talk about my favourite “youtubers” and youtube content.

We sometimes spend hours on youtube and this sharing platform might become an obsession. I try to moderate myself in order to feel youtube as a hobby and not a distraction.

I personally enjoy watching lifestyle videos and I purposely search for some content by girls who don’t come from the same country as mine because I like to get to know new cultures, new ways of being and relate to other habits. It’s definitely my favourite part of youtube: sharing and relating. Anyway, I sometimes watch makeup tutorials, beauty hacks videos, hauls, vlogs..but recently I’ve been watching a lot of videos about school and study tips.

I’m very fond of this kind of videos and I subscribed to two channels in particular: UnJaded Jade (my current favourite youtuber) and Waystostudy. Jade has got an amazing channel especially thanks to its content, including motivational and self-love videos. Waystostudy has also got a blog called the same way, which is very helpful and I love its “tidy” look.

I’ve always thought of starting my own channel since I love making videos, photography and editing, but as far as I know, Youtube isn’t a joke even if you just do it for fun. As Jade said, she started her journey (in February, so quite recently, but she has reached more than 20,000 subs!!) only when she felt confident enough, and I think this is an important and necessary feeling to face everything and be yourself while talking to your camera. The secret to success.

What do you think about Youtube? Have you got any channel suggestions ?? Let me know in the comments!

Gio xx

Spring Goals! 🌸🌸

How beautiful is Spring? I love this season: it renews my daily routine and it’s full of lovely sunny days and the temperature is perfect. I love taking photos of budding flowers: they’re so cute and..instagrammable!


For this season that accompanies the last school days I’ve got some goals I’d like to reach and share with you guys.

Number 1: More workouts. Since the temperature is good because it’s neither hot nor cold in the afternoon, it would be great to go out in the open air and spend some time working out. During winter I just went to the gym very little, so it’s the right moment to improve my lifestyle and make an effort to stay active!

Number 2: New outfits. Spring time means bright colours, so I need to change my outfits a little bit and create new ones! Maybe something more flowery! haha

Number 3: More going out in the open air. School test are over so I have more time to hang out with my friends and enjoy nature. I absolutely need a break!

Number 4: Eat more healthily and drink more water. Last winter I ended up eating too many sweets and neglecting my body a little bit. I need to catch up with my balanced diet to help my skin get better and drinking a lot of water is always the best solution.

Number 5: Read more. It’s time to go back to carefree reading to let my mind stray. At the moment I’m loving Zoella’s latest novel..I got it quite a long time ago, but I haven’t finished it yet!!

Number 6: Visit new cities, places, exhibitions. This is the hardest point because of little time, but I hope I’ll be able to see new things and go sightseeing.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost about Spring! Have you got any goals you would like to reach for this season?? let me know in the comments!

Gio xx


AMSTERDAM-Travel diary

Hello everybody! I came back from Amsterdam where I stayed with my classmates for 4 days. We also visited L’Aja and Delft on our second day there. It was always sunny, but very windy and chilly! As soon as we arrived, we noticed tons of bicycles parked next to the numerous bridges and lots of people cycling at the speed of light. The first thing we did was buying a travel card so that we could take a bus or a tram to reach the centre of the city then we went sightseeing. On the first day we visited the Van Gogh museum which was nice and well-organised. My favourite picture was Almond Blossom, in fact I bought the mobile case with the same flowery pattern on. It’s so cute! After the museum we looked for a restaurant to have lunch and since we had little time and were undecided, we just went to an Argentine restaurant and had some meat with chips. They were good and we had fun while trying to speak Spanish, thing for which we failed because we couldn’t remember much from our old lessons at middle school..haha. In the afternoon we met our guide who told us about the city and brought us to see the station, some lovely canals and the Flower Market. We took lots of photos at Dam square also while enjoying the city by night. In the evenings we had dinner at a typical pub near the Red Light district. The main courses were always soups, especially with mushrooms, then they served us some fish or meat with chips or some vegetables. We weren’t used to that kind of food at all, but I found it acceptable, actually I like tasting local dishes. At the end of the day we were so tired, but happy with our visit and, weird fact, every night after dinner, we burst out laughing! We always thought that it was because   of the mushrooms haha Then we fought against the wind and got to the bus stop late at night to come back to our hotel, the Meininger. Our room n. 529 at the 5th floor was nice and cosy and looked out over a little square. From the windows we could see a huge tower called “Crystal tower” which was cute to see early in the morning, illuminated by the sun. We got up at 7 am and there was four of us, so we had to be quick while preparing. I always managed to do my make-up properly in a short time: I surprised myself! For breakfast there were no croissants, thing that made me sad, but luckily there were some toasts, so from the second day onwards I started eating them smeared with Nutella ( at first I didn’t manage to find it ). I loved breakfast moments even though the room was a bit crowded due to several students visiting Amsterdam.

Here are a few pics I took of the city..follow my next blogposts for more!!

GIO xx