Do you feel INSPIRED??

To inspire: what does it mean? It’s encouraging, or making someone feel that they want to do something and can do it. I thought about this verb and action and I made a sort of survey, so I asked a couple of girlfriends of mine to explain what inspiring is for them, if they feel inspiring people and who they feel is inspiring to them.

What does inspiring mean? <<It’s being a model for someone who might have reached something I’d like to get>>  <<For me it’s to provide other people with ideas and incentivise them through gestures or manners>>  <<When you’re inspiring, you’re esteemed by someone who wants to become like you>>

Do you think you are an inspiring person? <<maybe yes, because of my attitude>>            <<I don’t know, but I’d like to be inspiring for someone>>  <<No, I’m not. I’d like to become inspiring one day.>>

Who inspires you?  <<People who I think are better than me and always manage to do everything effortlessly>>  <<The ones who reached the goals I’d love to achieve myself>>  <<People like Steph Curry or Cecilia Zandalasini (basketball players) because their dreams came true and I’d love to be a basketball player like they are.

Well, they all answered similar things and the key-words are: goal, model and dream, hope. I feel that “this inspires me” and “this is my inspiration” mean something slightly different. I think that something inspiring can trigger new ideas or in Italian you say it when you feel you’re interested in that, while an inspiration is something you would like to achieve, like a dream. However at the heart of inspiration there’s creativity, good feelings and caring people who believe in you because to be eager to succeed you should begin to believe in your skills and yourself. Having inspirations is always good to maintain a lively mind and to stay positive (this is my new motto!).

<<And I hope you feel inspired>> Miley Cyrus – Inspired

I hope you liked reading this post!


Gio xx

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Spring Goals! 🌸🌸

How beautiful is Spring? I love this season: it renews my daily routine and it’s full of lovely sunny days and the temperature is perfect. I love taking photos of budding flowers: they’re so cute and..instagrammable!


For this season that accompanies the last school days I’ve got some goals I’d like to reach and share with you guys.

Number 1: More workouts. Since the temperature is good because it’s neither hot nor cold in the afternoon, it would be great to go out in the open air and spend some time working out. During winter I just went to the gym very little, so it’s the right moment to improve my lifestyle and make an effort to stay active!

Number 2: New outfits. Spring time means bright colours, so I need to change my outfits a little bit and create new ones! Maybe something more flowery! haha

Number 3: More going out in the open air. School test are over so I have more time to hang out with my friends and enjoy nature. I absolutely need a break!

Number 4: Eat more healthily and drink more water. Last winter I ended up eating too many sweets and neglecting my body a little bit. I need to catch up with my balanced diet to help my skin get better and drinking a lot of water is always the best solution.

Number 5: Read more. It’s time to go back to carefree reading to let my mind stray. At the moment I’m loving Zoella’s latest novel..I got it quite a long time ago, but I haven’t finished it yet!!

Number 6: Visit new cities, places, exhibitions. This is the hardest point because of little time, but I hope I’ll be able to see new things and go sightseeing.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost about Spring! Have you got any goals you would like to reach for this season?? let me know in the comments!

Gio xx



Hi everyone! After the blog post about my study method, today I’m going to be writing about some study tips! The first one is doing a diagram by drawing arrows and squares for methodical subjects like philosophy and it’s important to use COLOURS! As I said in my previous post, I love blue and purple, therefore I always use them to write headlines and essential words. Another tip is definitely revising your lectures (especially if you have an oral test) by explaining them out loud even like you were a teacher! And if you’ve got a friend who is willing to listen to you, you can try to tell him/her what you’ve studied, so that your conversation will be more fluent and natural. Once I had to study a plot of a book I hadn’t enjoyed at all, so I found it hard and I was annoyed, but by telling my friend the story, I managed to remember it better! The third tip is setting the alarm on your phone (it’s better to use a deafening and an irritating sound haha) to remind yourself to start studying (for example I do it when I get lost in watching photos/videos on my phone) and hereafter doing it again to plan and divide your break time and study time. Another tip is.. starting with the subject you like the least! Your brain is more active and focused for the first part of the afternoon, so you’ll be more likely to practise a subject which you’re less good at properly. Then you will be able to focus on what you enjoy studying, and it takes shorter 🙂

I hope you found this blog post useful! Maybe I will write a part two..



How I edit my pics with Photoshop

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog! In the last few days I’ve taken lots of pictures with my friends in my city and I’ve collected them in my hard disk: I love fill it with folders!! Because lots of folders means lots of photos and lots of photos means…lots of memories!

I enjoy watching my photo collection while I listen to music and I absolutely love editing them to improve lights and colours. So I decided to write this blog post about how I edit my photos using the Photoshop programme (CC 2015.5 version) in particular a small section of it that allows you to keep your photos very natural. The first thing I do is cropping my photo, if something wrong is included or the subject isn’t centred, then I go to “filter” and I choose “Raw filter camera”. This section is for fixing different values such as saturation, exposure, contrast, shadows, but also any red eye. I like this section because I don’t have to choose a specific filter, but I can change every single value as much as I want to reach the perfect colours. When my photo is a bit dark I increase the exposure and I love adding some saturation too. I often lower the clarity of my photos because it creates a soft effect that makes my skin perfect, moreover the landscape looks brighter and fairy: it’s so lovely! I sometimes raise the level of the “whites” when I want the photo to look brighter and I also change the bar of the shadows to delete them.

My favourite value is the saturation because it gives more colour and light at the same time, but it can ruin the photo if you raise it too much. For example if it’s too high, your face will turn orange! Here below I leave a recent photo that I edited changing the saturation, clarity, exposure and contrast, hope you like it!




My party make-up look!

Hi everyone! I decided to share with you a party make-up look that I created for a special occasion yesterday night, in particular the eyeshadows and the lipstick I used. I went to a birthday party with my friends, it was in a lounge&bar in the centre of town.  I wore a magenta sweater with embroidered lace, a pair of black jeans and my low-heeled boots.

For the eyeshadows I used the Naked ultimate basics palette from Urban Decay, particularly the Commando colour as a base on my eyelids and the Tempted colour in my upper corner. I love this palette! My favourite colours are the Nudie because it’s perfect for an everyday make-up, and the Tempted and Faith colours because I use them to create some shades. I love the matte effect they have and the pigment they contain and I adore the fact that they last so long!

On my lips I used the Vivid matte liquid lipstick number 05, called Nude flush, from Maybelline. It’s very pretty, quite bright and very long-lasting.

I hope you liked this post!naked


#School and Uni

Hi everyone! I decided to write something about my school in Italy, my school supplies and my..“ideas” (because I’m really confused at the moment) for my future university.

I attend the last year but one of a secondary school, specialising in classical studies so two of the most important subjects are Greek and Latin. I chose this school because I hate Maths (I study it anyway but classes are shorter) I’m interested in classical subjects and I’m hopeless at drawing and this subject is missing in my school. I love taking notes, in fact I use loads of notebooks and different pens. I’m not sure I’ve got a real “study method”: I just use colours to write important things and I often make simple and small outlines, patterns of thought. What have always worked for me is repeating lessons out loud. When I have to write titles I use different felt-tips, while when I have to underline important information I use a yellow highlighter. Sometimes when I don’t feel like studying or just speaking I read lessons from my book and then I type them on my laptop, or I write them down on my exercise book. I use small colourful notebooks for each subjects to take notes at school and I’ve also got a simple diary to draw diagrams for Maths and Physics.   

And now..what would I like to be? Next year I’ll have to decide what university to attend and as I said I’m a bit worried because all my friends have already decided..I’m interested in science and medicine, I’d really like to study those subjects, but I’m also obsessed with photography, video-editing and creative I’d like to attend the communication and new media university in Milan..

If you’re deciding on a suitable university for you as well, comment below what you would like to study, or if you’re attending university comment what (and why) you decided to study!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post! Greetings from Italy!

Gio ❤︎🇮🇹