My #COLORday !

On September 19, I celebrated the “COLORday” in my city, Pavia. This day is special because occurs every third Saturday of September. My friends and I are “COLORwinners” because we won an Italian competition called “COLOR YOUR LIFE” about which you can read on   We walked along the main streets of the city as “Strada Nuova” and “Corso Cavour” and through “Piazza Petrarca” giving smiles and free hugs to the people we met. I’ve taken part in lots of “COLORdays”, both in Loano during my study holiday ( the prize for winning the competition ) and in my city, but that day was the most colorful and fun!  I had the opportunity to make people smile by giving free hugs and see my friends with whom I shared the adventure of our study holiday in Loano in August. That special day made me realize how precious an unexpected hug can be #COLORYOURLIFE #COLORDAY #COLOR   ♥