My party make-up look!

Hi everyone! I decided to share with you a party make-up look that I created for a special occasion yesterday night, in particular the eyeshadows and the lipstick I used. I went to a birthday party with my friends, it was in a lounge&bar in the centre of town.  I wore a magenta sweater with embroidered lace, a pair of black jeans and my low-heeled boots.

For the eyeshadows I used the Naked ultimate basics palette from Urban Decay, particularly the Commando colour as a base on my eyelids and the Tempted colour in my upper corner. I love this palette! My favourite colours are the Nudie because it’s perfect for an everyday make-up, and the Tempted and Faith colours because I use them to create some shades. I love the matte effect they have and the pigment they contain and I adore the fact that they last so long!

On my lips I used the Vivid matte liquid lipstick number 05, called Nude flush, from Maybelline. It’s very pretty, quite bright and very long-lasting.

I hope you liked this post!naked



Lip-care products

Hi everyone! Every morning when I go to school on foot I die of cold! My lips are always dry, chapped and they often bleed: it’s very annoying! This blog post is for everyone who has got this problem: i’m going to be talking about the products I usually use to take care of my lips! First of all I use a sweet-salty lip-scrub from Lush to make my lips softer and remove any dead skin. It’s just amazing: the first time I tried it, in the shop, I was so impressed that I bought it in no time, then I tried the Lush shiny lip balm too: these two products are perfect together! As an everyday product I use my favourite lip balm from Yves Rocher that is colourless and vanilla flavoured. In my school backpack I’ve always got my nourishing lip balm from Yves Rocher that is pistachio and chocolate flavoured. When I want to add some colour to my lips I use the Labello care & colour lip balm in the pink shade: it’s very pretty and I sometimes use it as a lipgloss.

So those were my lip-care products! I hope you found this blog post useful! Leave a comment on your favourite lip balm, lipstick or lipgloss! 💄💋 products2

Gio  ❤️

One lovely blog award

Hi everyone!! I read the “One lovely blog award” on Nira’s blog (click the name to see her blog) and I found it very nice. She nominated everyone who wants to do this kind of post, so I thought it was a good idea. Thanks Nira for writing that lovely post! The rules are:

1. Post to accept the nomination

2. Thanks the person who nominated you and a link back to their blog

3. List 7 things about yourself

4. Link to the blogs you nominate

5. Notify the recipients of their award

6. Post the rules

Now seven things about me: ❤︎

  • I’m Italian
  • I love travelling by plane (every time I must sit next to the window!)
  • I love editing videos and taking photos (especially of food!)
  • I like watching basketball matches
  • I’ve had three eye operations 😣
  • I enjoy watching videos about make-up on Youtube
  • I love writing (especially love stories) and having this blog!

Thanks for reading that! My nominations are:

See you next Monday!❤️  Gio

#School and Uni

Hi everyone! I decided to write something about my school in Italy, my school supplies and my..“ideas” (because I’m really confused at the moment) for my future university.

I attend the last year but one of a secondary school, specialising in classical studies so two of the most important subjects are Greek and Latin. I chose this school because I hate Maths (I study it anyway but classes are shorter) I’m interested in classical subjects and I’m hopeless at drawing and this subject is missing in my school. I love taking notes, in fact I use loads of notebooks and different pens. I’m not sure I’ve got a real “study method”: I just use colours to write important things and I often make simple and small outlines, patterns of thought. What have always worked for me is repeating lessons out loud. When I have to write titles I use different felt-tips, while when I have to underline important information I use a yellow highlighter. Sometimes when I don’t feel like studying or just speaking I read lessons from my book and then I type them on my laptop, or I write them down on my exercise book. I use small colourful notebooks for each subjects to take notes at school and I’ve also got a simple diary to draw diagrams for Maths and Physics.   

And now..what would I like to be? Next year I’ll have to decide what university to attend and as I said I’m a bit worried because all my friends have already decided..I’m interested in science and medicine, I’d really like to study those subjects, but I’m also obsessed with photography, video-editing and creative I’d like to attend the communication and new media university in Milan..

If you’re deciding on a suitable university for you as well, comment below what you would like to study, or if you’re attending university comment what (and why) you decided to study!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post! Greetings from Italy!

Gio ❤︎🇮🇹