Autumn landscape and Shakespeare

Hi everyone! Last Saturday I finally managed to take some photos with an autumn landscape! Me and a friend of mine went to the centre of town and stopped at the park next to the Visconti Castle (northern Italy) where you can find beautiful places to relax or have a walk. I wore a grey jumper from Sisley, a pair of dark grey trousers and my new black low heeled boots. For my eye-makeup I used a dark purple eyeshadow in the corner of my eyelid and the same colour eyeliner on my inner eyelid then on my lips I used a shiny maroon lip gloss. The weather was perfect so we took some beautiful photos with trees with red, yellow, green and orange leaves: a gorgeous autumnal landscape! At night we went to the theatre to see “A midsummer night’s dream” by Shakespeare! We found the comedy a bit long, but fun and fascinating. (leave a comment if you’ve seen it too!)

Hope you liked this short post and the pics! Stay tuned! I bought a new Urban Decay palette, so the next post will be a review about it!! handlandscapeme mobilephone


My autumn essentials!

Hi everyone! I’m back with an other autumn inspired blog post! Surrounded by red and yellow leaves, I decided to write about what for me is “autumn essential”. 🍂🍁                       

As soon as this season comes I always think of painting my nails purple, maroon and nude colours, and my favourite nail polishes are from Rimmel (now I’ve got the Red Award colour on and I love it). Fluffy and woolly blankets can’t miss on my bed because I don’t know about you, but I’m always cold in the evenings and I also wear a pair of fluffy slippers which are boot-shaped: I love them and I think I’ll use them for the whole winter too. This is the season when I start using a lip balm in the mornings and my favourite one is The Fleur de Noël from Yves Rocher (yes, it was in the Christmas collection, but it’s very fine so I can’t stop using it) and it’s..vanilla flavoured..thing that I love! In autumn it’s essential to have a suitable lipstick and the perfect colours are the same ones I mentioned for the nail polishes, BUT I haven’t got a decent one 😦 so I’m going to look for a new one to buy. My last autumn essentials are candles, suitable for relaxing when I have a lot of homework and hot drinks.

Hope you enjoyed my autumn essentials! Follow me for new autumn inspired posts♥︎

Gio  nailsnailpolish-lipstick

My skincare routine

Hi everybody!

I hope you’re enjoying this cold, but magical season!🍂 love creating autumnal make-up looks and matching them to my outfit, so I think it’s good to take care of my skin. Every morning before wearing any make-up, I rub my Liftactiv Supreme cream from Vichy for dry skin into my face. It has a lifting effect and lights up your ruddiness firming your skin up noticeably.  In the evenings before going to bed I clean up my face removing my make-up with the famous micellar water from Garnier. The thing I love the most of this product is that you don’t have to re-rinse your face after using it. I think it’s very good and after having used it every day, I can feel the soft effect it leaves. When I wear heavy make-up I also use a cleansing milk and a toner from FarmogalComment below what products you like using to take care of your skin🌸                                                                                                          Gio                


My October playlist!

I probably couldn’t live without music. I can’t spend a day without listening to at least one song. I like different types of music and I love too many songs to have a favourite one, but I think I would say “Bleeding love” by Leona Lewis because I used to listen it when I was a child while I was skating on ice and I remember I was always excited: I loved it and I still love it now. This is my playlist: songs which I’ve been listening to from my laptop or my phone.🎵

  1. Closer by The Chainsmokers and Halsey. (I love the Youtube video too)
  2. Just like fire by P!ink ( It gives me an incredible energy and I can’t stop singing it)
  3. Into you by Ariana Grande ( I love listening it while I’m travelling)
  4. Inside out by The Chainsmokers and Charlee ( I think it’s very relaxing)
  5. On purpose by Sabrina Carpenter ( I love the lyrics and the video shot in London: it reminds me my holiday..)
  6. Final song by MØ (perfect when I have to do something boring)
  7. Starving by Hailee Steinfeld and Zedd ( I always feel like dancing when I hear it)

I love singing too in fact I often look for the karaoke versions of my favourite songs on Youtube to try to sing them and record a cover. Music is my life, it’s helped me a lot in the last few days. Hope you like my playlist! Leave a comment below if you love those songs too, or tell me your current favourite ones! And remember: new post every Monday!!😁

Being a girl, part 2

Hi everyone!😄 I love doing this kind of blog posts that is the reasons why being a girl is hard..So here is the second part of things which girls have to face! 😲

  • Cleaning nail polish from your toenails without ruining the one on your fingernails
  • Wearing a skirt when it’s windy
  • Having a new pimple when you want to take photos with a perfect view
  • When you eye itches, but you’re wearing make-up so you freak out because you don’t want to ruin it
  • When you’re late, but you realise you’re wearing high-heels so you can’t run #chronicallylate
  • Every time you want to tidy your hair but you’re wearing your favourite bracelets/rings/watch so when you move your hand they get stuck in your hair
  • When you have to go to a party and you want to bring a bunch of things with you like make-up or a jacket, but they won’t fit in you small and cute purse so you’re forced to use your enormous and bulky handbag

Hope you like this post! Like it 👍🏼 if you agree and comment if you’ve experienced some of those annoying things too!