My weird obsessions!

Hello everybody! These are a few of my weird obsessions!
  • Photos: I absolutely love taking photos and shooting videos to remember every single moment of my life

  • Coins: I love collecting them!

  • Notebooks: I always buy lots of notebooks because I enjoy writing and I like to have a place for every kind of thought. I want everything to be ordered so that I can’t miss anything.

  • Diaries: I’ve been writing my “secret” diary since I was about six.

  • Nail polish: this is weird because I didn’t use to like painting my nails, but when I first tried to buy a nail polish…I finished to love decorating my nails! Mmm…I might post some photos about my nail-arts!

  • To think of a suitable song for every moment I’m living: Yes, because I love singing and listening to music, especially while I’m travelling.

  • Candles: it’s my new obsession. My friend’s just got me two candles so I’m super happy because my room smells amazing and I feel good every time I get in 🙂 One of my Yankee candle smells like sea so I feel like I’m still on holiday!

    Leave a comment below! Bye, Gio.


My COLOR experience


Hi everyone! I’m at the COLORcampus in Loano, at the seaside, in Italy. I talked about the COLOR YOUR LIFE foundation in my first post: it opened that campus for Italian teenagers to practise different activities such as public speaking, journalism and video editing. Some experts who succeeded in their life thanks to their job (a brilliant career) often come here to teach us to follow our dreams. In the early mornings we walk to the beach so I take plenty of photos! I’m making new friends and writing a lot to carry out my group’s tasks. It’s an amazing experience that help you to believe in yourself and in your skills😉